Temperature & Humidity Calibration

Temperature & Humidity Calibration Systems

Michell Instruments and Rotronic are world leaders in the field of humidity and trace moisture measurements. They offer a full range of temperature and humidity calibration equipment and systems. These include transportable humidity generators for simple verification of relative humidity and temperature probes, pressure swing dryers and low dew-point generators for calibrating trace moisture sensors and instruments. As well as building custom-designed humidity and dew-point calibration systems, they also provide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited relative humidity and temperature calibrations in six locations around the world.

Chilled Mirror Reference Hygrometers

Our chilled mirror reference hygrometers provide fundamental, low-drift measurements of dew point. Use in combination with the Rotronic or Michell humidity generators for calibrations traceable to NPL and NIST national standards.

Transportable Humidity Generators and Automatic Humidity Calibration Systems

For cost-effective humidity calibrations on-site, these stable and reliable humidity generators can be used in combination with a chilled mirror reference for full traceability. Fully automatic, computer-controlled humidity calibration systems provide humidity generation, a climatic chamber and chilled mirror reference for professional calibrations.

Trace Moisture Calibration Systems

Complete dew-point calibration package with optional compressor, dryer, dew-point generator, reference instrument and optional manifold. Capable of providing trace moisture calibrations down to -100 °C dew point

Humidity and Temperature Calibration Services

Our suppliers have humidity, temperature and dew point calibration facilities located all over the world. Six locations are accredited by the relevant national accreditation agencies. Find out more about our ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facilities.