Aerosol Spectrometers

Particle Counting & Sizing

ACE Scientific Solutions offers arguably Australasia’s largest range of particle counting and or particle sizing instruments from some of the world’s leading and longest-standing global equipment manufacturers. We do not just represent any one supplier, we have hand-selected some of the best and technically advanced measurement systems and instruments on the market based on over 33 years of experience in this field.

We offer particle counting and sizing instruments to measure particles from as low as 1nm to over 600um in size and we have technologies capable of measuring particles in the air, gases, liquids, water, pharmaceutical solutions and much more. We offer low-cost instruments with only a couple of particle size channels up to state-of-the-art SMPS systems and measurement tools with hundreds of high-resolution particle size channels.

Palas Aerosol Spectrometers

Palas GmbH is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of research grade aerosol spectrometers. Their spectrometers are extensively used for filter testing, particle research, indoor air quality monitoring, outdoor dust and air quality monitoring and in many other aerosol and particle related applications. ACE Scientific Solutions is proud to represent their range of spectrometer products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Palas Promo Spectrometer
Palas SMPS System

Particle Sizers & Application Experience

With decades of experience working in the particle industry with many of the world’s leading particle equipment manufacturers, Australasia’s leading aerosol researchers, atmospheric scientists, universities, research groups, CSIRO, DSTO, filter testing professionals and many others, our staff have extensive product and application experience. Application experience is VERY important in being able to correctly select the right measurement instrument to suit the customer’s application.

So many companies end up buying equipment from suppliers and it does NOT work properly and or does not meet their needs. Some suppliers have limited to no knowledge in the dust/particle areas and will simply sell you whatever they can with little regard for or understanding of your application and how to make the measurements properly. Just getting a measurement on the screen or some measurement data is one thing, making proper, reliable and accurate measurements is another. This is where ACE Scientific Solutions can genuinely help you and if we don’t have the right solution, we can normally put you on to someone that can help you.

Different Measurement Technologies

It’s also important to note that different measurement technologies exist to measure dust, powders, aerosols and particulates in air, liquids, gases & fluids. They exist for a reason and they all have their pros and cons measurement-wise. Some of these include photometers, optical particle counters, condensation particle counters, nephelometers, diffraction instruments, aerosol spectrometers, light obscuration instruments, time of flight measurement instruments, scanning mobility particle sizers (SMPS) and various others.

These measurement systems and instruments all have their strengths and weaknesses and many are aligned with and are used for compliance with certain global regulatory standards. Some measure mass (mg/m3), others provide particle counts, particle sizers and or other useful measurement data. At ACE Scientific Solutions, we can help you navigate the measurement maze in selecting the right equipment.