SMPS Systems

Palas SMPS Systems

SMPS systems are extensively used through Australasia and the world for high-resolution ultra-fine and nano-particle measurements. They offer very high-resolution particle counting and sizing over a defined particle size range for many different applications. They are commonly used by universities, CSIRO, the defence industry, aerosol research groups, atmospheric scientists and many others to accurately and reliably make fine particle measurements.

ACE Scientific Solutions is very proud and fortunate to represent Palas GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of particle measurement instruments and a true world leader in the supply of cutting edge SMPS systems. Palas SMPS systems are extensively used throughout the world. They are relatively easy to use, they are fully portable (for field applications) and they offer many features beyond what is available on competitive systems.

Palas SMPS systems may be used with different DMA’s (differential mobility analyzers), different condensation particle counters (CPC’s), neutralizers and related accessories to achieve a wide variety of fine particle measurements. Some of their system components are also interchangeable with / compatible with competitive systems. For more information on the broad range systems, options and accessories available from Palas, feel free to call us today.