Environmental Sensors

Environmental Sensors

ACE Scientific Solutions offers a wide range of environmental sensors for many different applications. We can provide wall mounted, duct mounted and instrument mounted sensors with varying specifications and to meet numerous standards. We are very selective as to the sensors we use and which manufacturers we source them from. We have a great deal of experience in supplying and installing sensors in facilities (pharmaceutical, hospitals, laboratories, compounding, commercial offices, others) along with decades of experience in installing environmental monitoring systems (EMS).

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Monitoring

Humidity Monitoring

Humidity Monitoring Equipment

Environmental Sensors

Combined Temp & Humidity

Differential Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Sensors

Rotronic CO2 Sensors

CO2 Monitoring Equipment

Oxygen Transmitters

Oxygen Monitoring Equipment

Dew Point Sensors

Dew Point & Moisture

Portable Gas Detector

Gas Detection Equipment

Automated microbial monitoring

Automated Microbial Sampling

Real time microbial detection

Real-Time Microbial Monitoring

  • Temperature Sensors (Wall, Duct & Equipment Mounted)
  • Humidity Sensors (Wall, Duct & Equipment Mounted)
  • Differential Pressure Sensors
  • CO2 Sensors
  • CO Sensors
  • O2 Sensors
  • Other Gases
  • Real-Time Particle Mass Measurements (mg/m3)
  • Non Viable Particle Counting
  • Viable Particle Counting (Microbial Sampling)