Rental & Leasing

Renting Equipment

While purchasing equipment is preferred by many companies, renting or leasing equipment has key advantages as an alternative. Renting equipment first, gives you the ability to TRY before you buy and some companies like this idea. There is no commitment to purchase anything and you can rent for periods as short as one day to years potentially (subject to availability).

All equipment is regularly tested and calibrated and you can simply hand the goods back at the end of the rental period. Renting can also prove quite cost effective for short term projects when compared to buying. For extended rental periods, we would encourage you to speak to our sales staff, as we can help you weigh up the pros and cons and costs involved in both renting and buying equipment.

Met One Portable Particle Counter
Palas Fidas Frog
Palas AQ-Guard
Portable Gas Detector

Leasing Equipment

WhileLeasing equipment on the other hand gives you the ability to buy equipment and pay it off over time. ACE Scientific Solutions through our financial affiliates, can also provide a number of leasing options for companies wanting to lease equipment. Both renting and leasing options also offer different tax advantages, of which your accountant could give you the appropriate advice.