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ATI Filter Testing Accessories

Air Techniques International (ATI) offer a number of specialized accesorries for customers undertaking filter testing. These include, however are not limited to the following products. ATI also offer aerosol generators, aerosol diluters and many other products which are featured on other sections of this website.

Sparge Pipes Kits

Improves the testing of clean air cabinets, Safety Cabinets, Isolators, and any installed HEPA filter where the distance between the point of aerosol injection and the filter is short, and upstream challenge measurement shows poor mixing.


  • Deliver evenly-mixed challenge aerosols less than 1 meter (3ft) from the filter face.
  • Extensive kit includes 20 pipes with up to 5 different lengths, single and double drilled providing extreme flexibility
Sparge Pipe Kits
Positive Injection Pumps

Inject aerosol with variable speed control. The Positive Injection Pump (PIP) provides the user with a safe and reliable system for directing aerosol from a Thermal or Laskin Nozzle Generator through a tube into the injection point. Speed control allows for regulation of the discharge velocity, which is essential when introducing aerosol through apertures of various size. The Positive Injection Pump (PIP) with adjustable swan neck inlet works best with the ATI family of aerosol generators.

Positive Injection Pumps