Portable Dust Monitors

Portable Real-Time Dust Monitors

Specializing in real-time dust and particle monitoring technologies and with over 34 years of experience in this field, ACE Scientific Solutions offers a wide range of handheld, fully portable real-time dust monitoring instruments for indoor and outdoor air monitoring applications. Many models provide particle counts, particle size and simultaneous particle mass measurements (mg/m3) while some instruments additionally measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC’s.

Portable instruments of this nature are commonly used in industry for monitoring dust, smoke, fumes, diesel particulates and many other airborne solid or liquid-based aerosols. ACE Scientific Solutions offers an extensive range of measurement instruments, all with varying specifications, particle size and concentration ranges. Feel free to call us today, so we can help select the best instrument for your application.

With different particle size ranges, concentration ranges and measurement capabilities, we have instruments to suit a wide range of Australian indoor, outdoor and cleanroom monitoring standards. Applications include, monitoring cleanrooms, safety cabinets, isolators and facilities, data centres, indoor air quality, outdoor air quality monitoring, OH&S exposure monitoring, smoke monitoring and more.

Introducing the Palas FIDAS Frog

Palas Fidas Frog

Introducing the Palas AQ Guard

Palas AQ Guard