Particle Research Instruments

Particle Research Instruments

One of our real strengths at ACE Scientific Solutions is our extensive knowledge and experience with particle instruments and the many different technologies that exist to count, size and analyze particulates from 1nm in size to hundreds of microns. Our staff have over 34 Years of experience working with MANY different brands, makes and models of particle instruments and their manufacturers. We have sold literally thousands of dust and particle measurement instruments over time into many different fields across Australasia and we have supplied, installed and commissioned countless particle research instruments into many different areas (universities, CSIRO, defence, research facilities, pharmaceuticals, health departments and others).

Met One Handheld Counters

Handheld Particle Counters

Met One Portable Particle Counter

Portable Particle Counters

Met One Remote Particle Counters

Remote Particle Counters

Met One High Pressure Diffuser

Gas Particle Counters

Beckman liquid particle counters

Liquid Particle Counters

Palas Fidas Frog

Portable Dust Monitors

Ultrafine particle counters

Ultrafine Particle Counters

Aerosol Generators

Professional Aerosol Generators

Aerosol Diluters

Professional Aerosol Diluters

Aerosol Neutralizers

High Quality Aerosol Neutralizers

Automated Filter Testers

Filter Testing Equipment

Bio Aerosol Detection

Bio Aerosol Detection

Diesel particulate monitors

Diesel Particulate Monitoring

Nano particle measurements

Nano Particle Counters

Aerosol Spectrometers

Aerosol Spectrometers

Palas SMPS Systems

Professional SMPS Systems

Smoke Monitoring

Smoke Monitoring Equipment

Microbial Air Samplers

Microbial Air Samplers

Over time, we have watched different technologies evolve and some simply come and go. Working with many different organizations and measurement instruments, we have seen first hand the pros and cons of different measurement instruments and learned which technologies are best suited to specific measurement applications. Choosing the correct instrument and accessories to make accurate and reliable particle measurements is paramount and FAR too many organizations get caught out buying equipment that is not “fit for purpose”.

ACE Scientific Solutions is very well connected in the particle and dust measurement community. From supplying major pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and facilities with particle & environmental monitoring systems to providing measurement systems and instruments to organizations all over Australasia. We work closely with a select number of local suppliers of measurement instruments and we directly represent a number of world leading particle instrument manufacturers. Feel free to call us today to discuss your measurement application.