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High Quality Met One 6000 Series Particle Counters

by | Apr 27, 2022

WA Contract

Another 16 or so Beckman Coulter Met One 6000 series remote particle counters have recently turned up and been dispatched from Ace Scientific Solutions to a Melbourne customer for another particle monitoring project. This particular facility was using a proprietary competitive brand of particle sensors and has recently switched to the Beckman Coulter Met One 6000 series which are easy to work with and integrate into facilities.

It’s nice to see a really rugged and yet compact stainless steel enclosure which encapsulates the particle counter. None of this plastic stuff on the market. High quality professional fittings and POE (power over Ethernet) communications. These units are industrial grade and are fully sealed. They don’t use proprietary communications and or software and they may be used with pretty much any EMS, BMS or SCADA system on the market.

The compact 6000 series units may also be used without their enclosure in many applications. The completely sealed compact enclosure simply provides optimal protection in the pharmaceutical industry and or harsh environments. These units also come with an ISO probe, mounting hardware and accessories, ready to go at no additional cost. They utilize the latest long life laser diode technology and should serve this customer well for many years to come.

Ace Scientific Solutions offers the Met One 6000, 7000 and 6000P series particle sensors along with other latest generation hardware and EMS software platforms.

If your facility is currently locked in to any one supplier or specific brand of particle instrument and wants to become UNLOCKED then feel free to call Ace Scientific Solutions today for more information.