Liquid Particle Counters

Liquid Particle Counters

ACE Scientific Solutions represents the world renowned Beckman Coulter HIAC range of pharmaceutical grade liquid particle counters. The HIAC brand has been around for decades and has become almost an industry standard throughout Australia and the world. Used by countless pharmaceutical companies (Baxter, Pfizer etc), universities, laboratories and research groups the HIAC series of liquid particle counters are proven, tried and tested laboratory instruments for highly accurate liquid particle measurements.

The HIAC 9703+ series of liquid particle counters measure particles in a variety of liquids with a syringe sampler and sensor. They have the capability to handle a full range of sample volumes from 1 mL to over 1000 mL and the pre-configured USP/EP/JP/KP test routines can take on all your application requirements. With auto-flush routines and test recipe setup wizards, operators enjoy more plug and play operation with the HIAC 9703+ series liquid particle counters.

Support & Calibration

All of our liquid particle counting instruments are also fully serviced, supported and calibrated in Australia. Most sales of this equipment include the installation, commissioning, validation documentation, onsite execution of those documents and training for end users. Calibrations may be performed to various global standards and our clients have the peace of mind in knowing both ACE Scientific Solutions and Beckman Coulter are here in Australia to support them.


Key Considerations

  • Experienced technical sales staff with over 34 years of experience in the industry
  • Various systems and configurations to choose from
  • Various pre-calibration options to choose from
  • Complete installation & commissioning
  • Professional validation documentation
  • Onsite execution of validation documentation
  • Onsite training across Australasia
  • Onsite annual re-calibration
  • Support from both ACE Scientific & Beckman Coulter

Various Sensor Options

  • 1.3um to 150um
  • 1.3um to 150um (with chemical compatibility)
  • 2um to 400um
  • 2um to 600um (with chemical compatibility)

Some Interesting History

In the early 1960’s Leon D. Carver and his team at HIAC (High Accuracy Products) invented light obscuration and the term particle counting was born. HIAC was the first company in the world to use a laser light source for light obscuration sensors. Over the course of 60 years, Beckman Coulter has continued to innovate and is the market leader in sizing particles in liquids or gases. These liquid particle counters are now being used for monitoring hydraulic fluids, glycols, cleaning solvents, fuels, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, compressed gasses, water and many others. HIAC is the benchmark name in liquid particle counting for laboratories and industrial applications.