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Monitoring and maintaining indoor air quality in facilities is paramount in being able to provide clean and safe working conditions. Particulates, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, VOC’s, noise, mould and other irritants can lead to worker discomfort and ultimately can impact human health. Our staff have worked in this industry for decades and have worked with many different global IAQ instrument manufacturers. We have a great deal of expertise in this area and have access to the latest generation measurement instruments.

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Introducing the PALAS AQ-GUARD Multi-Function High Resolution Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Palas AQ-Guard

The PALAS AQ Guard is one of the most advanced portable real-time dust/particle monitoring instrument on the market. It’s a compact, feature-packed real-time multi-function dust/ particle monitor suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor air quality measurement applications. It features a wide particle size range, 64 high-resolution particle size channels, a massive 10 GB of data storage and many other features WAY beyond the capabilities of competitive instruments on the market. A newly developed mass conversion algorithm calculates PM values based on single-particle optical light scattering, taking signal duration and shape into account.

The sensor system and advanced algorithms were developed based on the same technology as used in the EN 16450 certified Palas Fidas 200. An outdoor-rated ambient version of this model is also available (with heated aerosol inlet) which is capable of making highly accurate measurements comparable to type approved (compliance level) dust monitoring analyzers, which makes the AQ Guard really stand out when compared to similar devices on the market.