Fixed Dust Monitoring

Fixed Dust Monitoring

Dust monitoring is not only important, it’s mandatory for many organizations throughout Australia and the world in order to monitor and minimize dust levels on their sites. Whether you work in the mining industry, building industry, roadwork, tunneling, a quarry, or in other fields, monitoring dust (particularly in real-time) is an excellent way to manage pollutants coming from your site.

ACE Scientific Solutions has over 34 years of experience in this field, supplying literally thousands of real-time monitoring systems and instruments into many different sectors. We offer a variety of tripod and fixed dust monitoring systems that may be used for many different applications.

Palas AQ Guard Smart
Palas Aq Guard Smart

Be Careful When Buying Dust Monitoring Instruments

There are countless dust monitoring system suppliers in the market these days offering dust monitors and monitoring systems from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Many suppliers tell you their products are the best and many customers simply fall for this and end up with products that dont work as they should and or are not fit for purpose. Some of these devices are literally home made solutions, others are basic particle counting sensors or instruments where people have tried to adapt these for outdoor use or other applications where in many cases they are simply not suitable. Many companies have been told by suppliers that their dust monitors are suitable for compliance monitoring as per AS 3580 when they are not, others are told they are NATA calibrated when they are not and the list goes on and on. There has always been a LOT of confusion in the market and customers are often the ones that are getting caught out and losing time and money.

There is a difference between compliance monitoring and simply using real-time indicative measurement instruments

Our staff have worked in the dust monitoring market for over 34 years and and have sold literally thousands of different dust and particle monitoring instruments into countless industries. We represent and have represented many different suppliers of particle and dust measurement equipment over time and we offer many different solutions to suit customers needs. If we feel that the application is too risky or that the product may not be suitable, we would rather not sell it then simply take an order and put the customer at risk.

Many customers have NO proper way of checking these instruments or knowing if they are actually working properly and some suppliers have been known to take advantage of this. Many dust monitors on the market are not calibrated against any reputable standard, many have no approvals or traceability to any specific standards and it commonly ends up with customers wasting time and money and having to discard equipment and start again.

What Makes Our Monitoring Systems & Solutions Different ?

  • Firstly, we avoid many suppliers and products of which we do not believe are fit for purpose
  • We have 34 years in indepth industry and application experience in this area
  • We deal with reputable global manufacturers who manufacture quality and reliable products
  • These suppliers are largely from Germany or the United States
  • Many of these products are MCERTS certified, so customers have confidence in their measurement capabilities
  • Some of these systems are even EN16450 certified for real-time compliance grade (equivalency) measurements
  • We discuss the customers applications with them in detail and advice them as to their options
  • Many of our systems are capable of simultaneous PM fraction dust monitoring
  • Our systems can be calibrated for use with any airborne solid or liquid based aerosols and this calibration factor can be entered into the system for more precise measurements (coal dust, diesel particles, smoke etc)
  • The recommended calibration period is every 2 years versus 1 year with many other systems on the market
  • The end user can calibrate / validate the system any time with the calibration dust provided with many systems we provide
  • Many of our systems are based on world renowned aerosol spectrometer technology which offers very high precision
  • Some of our systems are capable of particle counting and sizing as well as making mass and other measurements
  • You can have up to 128 high resolution particle size channels in some of the systems we offer
  • Some systems also provide temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and other measurements
  • Various systems offer gas measurement capabilities as well
  • Weather stations may be easily added if desired
  • Our systems can be easily tripod or pole mounted
  • They are designed for long term reliable outdoor continuous use
  • Our systems can operate off mains, 12 VDC batteries or solar panels
  • Some of our systems can be expanded to measure ultra-fine particles down to 1nm in size over 256 size channels
  • Imagine having the power to measure particles from 1nm (0.001um) to 100um in size on your site
  • Other systems we offer can measure particles up to 100um (PM100) in size with 32 or 64 size channels
  • These expansion capabilities provides our clients with tremendous flexibility
  • We offer an extensive range of accessories which are simply required in some measurement applications and many suppliers simply cannot offer these (aerosol diluters, aerosol neutralizers, heated inlets, thermal conditioning systems, external sensors & more). You cant just buy any dust monitor and expect it to work out of the box for many applications
  • We currently (for a limited time) offer FREE 2 year online data collection and reporting with many of the dust monitoring systems we offer. This online platform may be accessed by phones, laptops, tablets and computer anywhere on Earth.

Introducing PALAS My Atmosphere Cloud Based Monitoring

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution causes seven million premature deaths worldwide each year and makes many more people sick. It affects the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, the fetal organism and neurological development in childhood and old age.

We make air pollution visible. By being able to measure fine particulates with our high-precision devices and visualize and process them via our data platforms. This enables customers to observe, evaluate and document the pollution in the air in real time.


Our state-of-the-art ATMOSPHERE Cloud Based Monitoring Platform is FREE to PALAS dust monitor users for the first 2 years and then there is a small monthly fee to continue this service. This plaform is very advanced and provides a great deal of graphical and statistical data for users.

Features Include

  • Messaging – Emailing messaging to end users on alarms and when dust levels are exceeded
  • The Dashboard – Simple overview of current measurements and devices with a clear, graphical representation
  • Data Storage – Automatic data storage over months/years with up to 1 min resolution and data download
  • Measurement Data – PM1, PM2.5, PM10, particle counts, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, particle size distribution, device status, location (GPS), SO2, CO, NO2, O3
  • API – API interface for easy integration of data to other systems/websites
  • Auto Recovery – Auto recovery without data loss in case of interruption of the mobile phone connection to the end device