Automated Filter Testers

Automated Filter Testing Systems

ACE Scientific Solutions offers a wide range of professional filter and disposable mask testing systems for almost every imaginable application. We are arguably Australasia’s largest and leading supplier of filter and media testing systems and instruments.

  • Testing cleanroom HEPA filters
  • Motor vehicle passenger compartment filters
  • Automotive filters
  • Compressed air filters
  • Oil separators
  • Vacuum cleaner filters
  • Testing disposable N95 / P2 masks
  • Many others

It’s highly likely we will have a test system or solution to meet your needs. In addition, we represent the world’s leading filter testing system manufacturers. Global organizations that manufacture a broad range of world-renowned testers to meet a wide range of local and international standards and to provide the valuable information you want to see (particle counts, particle size distribution, mass, % penetration, and much more).

Air Techniques International

ATI is one of the world’s leading filter media and disposable N95 / P2 mask testing system manufacturers. Their state-of-the-art systems are extensively used througout Australasia and the world and their 100X filter testing system is even used by the Australian Government as their primary testing tool for testing masks used for protection against COVID 19 and other viruses.

Palas GmbH

German particle instrument manufacturer Palas GmbH also manufactures an excellent range of world-renowned filter testing systems and instruments. Their testing systems are widely used throughout Australasia and the world to meet many different international standards and they are particularly popular with companies who additionally wish to perform particle counting and sizing measurements over a variety of particle size ranges.