Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Particle and environmental monitoring systems (EMS) are used in facilities all over the world to monitor and control environments for the protection of both products and people. Both wired and wireless options exist providing different capabilities and levels of performance. Some systems are designed for GMP compliance and many are not. Some systems support particle instruments (viable & non viable) and many do not. At ACE Scientific Solutions, we have over 33 years of experience in the supply of environmental monitoring systems (EMS) and particle counting instruments into pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, bone banks, blood banks, compounding pharmacies and into many other areas all over Australasia. Many of our clients have aseptic facilities and or processes and require GMP and PICs PE 009 compliance. This is where our software platforms truly shine and outperform many other platforms on the market.

Particle Monitoring Systems

Greater Flexibility in Your EMS System

Many EMS systems and or software platforms on the market fail to support non viable particle counters and or viable (microbial) particle sampling. For some companies, that’s not going to mean much, however for others, it can make a world of difference. With things changing all the time, along with local / global regulations / standards

Most also generally support the ONE brand of particle instrument, closely linked to the software they are selling. Some have limited environmental sensor support and others can lock facilities into proprietary black box software and or hardware. Some facilities end up SO locked into proprietary hardware / software it makes upgrading their system(s) and moving to alternative hardware / suppliers near impossible, or at the very least very time consuming and costly.

At ACE Scientific Solutions, we work with many different instrument vendors and various EMS platform suppliers and we are constantly looking for better, smarter solutions for our customers. For us, it’s about UNLOCKING facilities and making things and flexible and “open source” for them as possible. If you like this idea (as many facilities do) then feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Pharmagraph Monitoring System
GMP environmental monitoring
A Complete Turnkey Service Provider

One of the KEY advantages in working with ACE Scientific Solutions is we employ a national team of technical sales, technical support and calibration professionals. He have engineering people on the ground in most states of Australia. In addition, we operate and manage a national systems integration network incorporating over 100 specialist engineering, system integration and automation personel. This keeps the costs down for our customers and makes local technical support both possible and very quick and efficient.

Hundreds of Systems Installed Globally

Pharmagraph monitoring platforms are used by over 600 quality conscious organizations throughout the world. Facilities choose Pharmagraph due to it’s enormous flexibility when compared to many proprietary systems on the market. It works with literally any digital or analogue sensor on the market, many brands of particle counters and custom drivers can be written to support all sorts of equipment.

More Offices, Staff & a National Network

Purchasing a new EMS system sounds great, however WHO is going to support it and how. It all sounds good on the quote and in theory, however there is NO substitute in having local engineering, software and support staff who can physically and cost effectively come to site in the event you need them. With offices and staff across Australasia and a specialist Australasian Systems Integration Network ACE Scientific Solutions has you covered.

True Back to Back Redundancy

Backing up data and having redundancy in the event something fails is paramount for some facility operators. While some systems on the market have backup servers and or protect data via other means, a number of these systems on the market don’t do this well and or consistantly. Again, this is where Pharmagraph truly shines, offering true back to back redundancy in dual server configurations.

Pharmagraph Software
Pharmagraph Software 2
Highly Graphical & Custom Reporting

Easy to use and highly graphical, the Pharmagraph user interface is a pleasure to use by facility operators. Are you sick of asking other suppliers for custom reports, only to find out it can’t be done or it costs a fortune ? Pharmagraph is highly customizable and custom reporting can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

It’s all About our Customers

For us at ACE Scientific Solutions, it’s all about our customers and giving them the best, most flexible solutions at affordable prices. Keeping our systems as “open source” as possible does not even lock customers into to us. We offer many different hardware and software solutions and we encourage companies to call us to discuss their needs.