EMS System Accessories

Data Control Cabinets

Data control cabinets and differential pressure cabinets are crucial components in environmental monitoring systems (EMS). Environmental and other sensors positioned around facilities are generally connected back to one or more data control cabinets, where the data is then fed to the computer server(s) for monitoring, alarming, data storage and reporting. Differential pressure cabinets are also often used in facility monitoring applications where pressure measurements are required. Sensors can be conveniently located in these cabinets for easy access, testing and calibration.

At ACE Scientific Solutions, we are facility monitoring, testing and management professionals. We custom build our own control and DP cabinets, using high quality industry standard components to our customers specific requirements. In addition, we provide onsite maintenance, calibration, annual system health checks, service level agreements and more.

Data Control Cabinets
Testing Control Cabinet
Control Cabinet Electrical
EMS Data Control Cabinet

Touch Screens & Beacons

Key components in any building management system (BMS) or environmental monitoring system (EMS) are screens, touch panels, indicators and associated devices. These allow users to interact with their system and be alerted in the event there are any issues. At ACE Scientific Solutions, we have had a great deal of experience in this area and we offer our clients many choices in relation to monitoring system accessories.

EMS Audible Alarms
EMS Display Units
Pharmagraph Software
EMS monitoring on ipad

Vacuum Pumps & Systems

For cleanroom and facility monitoring projects where remote particle sensors, automated microbial monitoring and or other vacuum dependant equipment is often required, ACE Scientific Solutions can supply, install and maintain state-of-the-art single or dual vacuum systems. These systems can be manually or computer-controlled and they are very reliable and require little maintenance.

EMS Vacuum System 12
EMS Vacuum Systems 3
EMS Vacuum System 2
EMS Vacuum System 1