Dust Monitoring Equipment

Dust Monitoring Equipment

With over 34 years of experience in the supply of dust monitoring systems and instruments, our staff can ensure your company acquires the right equipment to meet your needs. Our particular area of expertise is real-time dust monitoring technologies and we offer a wide range of latest generation, cutting-edge solutions for dust monitoring professionals.

Airborne dust ranges in size from nanometers to typically tens of microns and it can cause adverse health effects, damage machinery, damage manufactured products and so much more. Monitoring dust and controlling dust can be a challenge. There is a huge amount of monitoring equipment on the market and suppliers making all sorts of claims as to how good it is, however, buyers need to be careful to ensure they buy the right equipment that is “fit for purpose”

Our staff have literally supplied thousands of dust monitoring systems and instruments to countless different industries over time (mining, quarries, roadwork, tunneling, ports, EPA networks & more). We can ensure you receive quality and reliable solutions at affordable prices.

Personal Dust Monitors

Palas Fidas Frog

Portable Dust Monitors

Tripod Based Dust Monitors

Transportable Dust Monitors

Fixed dust monitoring

Fixed Dust Monitoring

Ultrafine particle counters

Ultrafine Particle Counters

Smoke Monitoring

Silica Dust Monitoring

Diesel particulate monitors

Diesel Particulate Monitoring

Smoke Monitoring

Smoke Monitoring

Dust compliance monitoring

Dust Compliance Monitoring

Palas Dust View II

Powders & Bulk Materials

Web Based Data Collection

Web Based Data Collection

Palas AQ-Guard Ambient
Palas AQ-Guard Ambient 2

Free Cloud Based Data Collection Portal

ACE Scientific Solutions also offers a state-of-the-art and always evolving online and secure data collection portal for collecting data from a growing number of dust and air monitoring systems and instruments we provide. This cloud based platform may be accessed from PC’s, tablets and mobile devices anywhere in the world to access your valuable data. Email alerts are also possible and managed via this platform where users can set pre-defined alarm limits and the end users will be sent alerts when alarm limits are reached. There is no need for any additional hardware (like with some competitive systems) it’s all part of the solutions we offer.

Daily, weekly, monthly or total data may also be viewed with a custom data date range also possible. One, more or all instrument monitoring parameters may be displayed and this data may be downloaded / exported back to a PC or device for further in-house analysis. Our platforms also support GPS coordinates, advanced Google mapping and much more.

Palas My Atmosphere 1
Palas My Atmosphere 2

Remote Control Capabilities

In an industry first, some of our dust monitoring solutions also support remote control capabilities where 240 VAC, 10 amp equipment may be switched ON or OFF by the end users as desired or as alarm events occur. Imagine, you receive an email alert where the dust, temperature or other set parameters at a location have exceeded your alarm limits. Knowing about it is one thing, being able to do something about it is another. With our solutions, you can simply click on a button and turn ON or OFF a sprinkler, air conditining system, dust supression system or many other forms of equipment. Imagine having this complete capability. This means that you have the power to not only remotely get alarm alerts and review measurement data, but also act remotely and take action.