Web Based Data Collection

Web Based Data Collection

In today’s day and age, many customers want and need the ability to install monitoring systems and instruments outdoors in the field, in remote locations and or in areas where they wish to collect data remotely via the internet. It’s not uncommon for people to want SMS message alerts or EMAIL alerts when equipment hits a pre-configured alarm limits. It’s also common for customers to want to be able to remotely login to instruments and download their measurement data and or see live data and graphing on their screens. At ACE Scientific Soultions, we offer some world class monitoring platforms to allow our customers to monitor a wide range of instrumentation.

Palas Aq Guard Smart
Palas My Atmosphere 2
Palas My Atmosphere 4
Palas AQ Guard Smart 6

Introducing Palas My Atmosphere

Our MY ATMOSPHERE web based data collection platform from PALAS is a world class data collection platform capable capable of collecting instrument data, sending email alerts to end users and much more. The great news, is that is also FREE for 2 years with the purchase of any PALAS dust and air monitoring stations. After that, the service is available for a low monthly fee.

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Palas My Atmosphere 1
Palas My Atmosphere 2

Remote Control Capabilities

In an industry first, some of our dust monitoring solutions also support remote control capabilities where 240 VAC, 10 amp equipment may be switched ON or OFF by the end users as desired or as alarm events occur. Imagine, you receive an email alert where the dust, temperature or other set parameters at a location have exceeded your alarm limits. Knowing about it is one thing, being able to do something about it is another. With our solutions, you can simply click on a button and turn ON or OFF a sprinkler, air conditining system, dust supression system or many other forms of equipment. Imagine having this complete capability. This means that you have the power to not only remotely get alarm alerts and review measurement data, but also act remotely and take action.