Dust Compliance Monitoring

Dust Compliance Monitoring

Dust monitoring is not only important, it’s mandatory for many organizations throughout Australia and the world in order to monitor and minimize dust levels on their sites. Whether you work in the mining industry, building industry, roadwork, tunneling, a quarry, or in other fields, monitoring dust (particularly in real-time) is an excellent way to manage pollutants coming from your site.

ACE Scientific Solutions has over 34 years of experience in this field, supplying literally thousands of real-time monitoring systems and instruments into many different sectors. We offer a variety of tripod and fixed dust monitoring systems that may be used for many different applications.

Introducing the Palas FIDAS Series

The PALAS FIDAS 200S is an advanced German-made EN16450 and MCERTS approved fine dust aerosol spectrometer designed for regulators and dust monitoring professionals and for use in many different applications. It uses the same technology that is used in some U.S EPA approved measurement instruments on the market today. It may be pole or wall-mounted, it is very reliable, has a long service life and requires NO consumables.


  • Simultaneous PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and TSP (total PM) particle mass measurements (mg/m3)
  • Particle counts (number)
  • Particle size distribution over 64 high-resolution particle size channels
  • Dual pump technology, one used for redundancy
  • Many other advanced features
Palas Fidas 200S Dust Monitor