Calibration Services

Onsite Calibration Services

ACE Scientific Solutions offers a range of onsite calibration services for your convenience. Our service department can handle all aspects of your onsite calibration service, from scheduling to document delivery. They will also assign the appropriate field service calibration technicians and answer all of your related questions. Advantages of on-site calibration:

Calibration Equipment
In-House Calibrations

In-House Calibration Services

ACE Scientific Solutions also offers in-house calibration services where equipment is sent to our Melbourne head office for calibration. Once completed, the equipment is returned to the customer.

Equipment is calibrated quickly and professionally to a NATA (*) or traceable standard or has demonstrable traceability to both national and or international standards such as the National Measurement Institute of Australia or equivalent international bodies. Additionally, we manage and coordinate 3rd party calibration services for customers and we offer equipment support and maintenance programs for a comprehensive range of equipment. Professional calibration certificates are provided upon completion.

* Provided by a third party service provider