Bio Aerosol Detection

ATI Poloron Bio Aerosol Detector

The ATI (Air Techniques International) Polaron F10 is the state of the art in real-time detection of airborne biological threats. Using patent-pending technology based on polarized elastic light scattering, the Polaron can detect and classify aerosol particles to 0.5um sensitivity (including small particles with weak fluorescence properties). It rapidly and reliably detects all four classes of biological agents at low concentrations, with low false-alarm rates.

ATI polaron

Key Features

  • Best-in-class sensitivity – Detects singlet particles in all agent classes (spore, bacteria, virus, toxin)
  • Fast response – Informs of threats in real-time
  • High confidence – Extensive US Government testing
  • More coverage – Affordable, compact, lightweight


  • Building protection
  • Mass-transit security
  • Special-event monitoring
  • Force and base protection