Air Purifier Testing

Air Purifier Testing & Monitoring

With air purifiers being rolled out in HUGE quantities all around Australia and the world in schools, offices, hospitals, aged care facilities and public places, how does one test these units upfront and ongoing to ensure they are working properly and how does one monitor the aerosol concentrations in those environments to ensure they are being kept at desired levels ?

ACE Scientific Solutions offers a comprehensive range of world class aerosol measurement instruments capable of counting and sizing particulates down to very fine levels and many of these are ideal for testing air purifiers and related filtration equipment. This technology is commonly used by indoor air quality specialists, leading N95 mask manufacturers, government departments, universities, CSIRO and many other organizations across Australasia. We offer low cost portable monitors which are ideal for end users or testing companies, right through to high resolution spectrometers for research grade measurements.

The testing and monitoring instruments we offer may be used to quantify existing particles in the ambient air and a wide range of optional aerosol generators are also available for generating aerosols of different types to challenge air purifiers and examine the results. We offer many different types of technologies which are widely used in the filtration industry (aerosol photometers, spectrometers, optical particle counters, sodium flame photometers, SMPS systems, automated filter testers and many other systems and instruments.

Please Note: The products listed above are only a fraction of the instruments we offer for testing filters, air purifiers and related products. For more information, please feel free to call or email us or visit the Filter Testing section of our website.