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ACE Scientific Solutions offers a wide range of aerosol generators, powder dispersers and related products for many different applications. We are the Australian & New Zealand distributors for a number of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers and we additionally have access to a broad range of technologies from various global boutique suppliers. Our aerosol generation instruments are widely used throughout Australia and the world in many different industries (particle researchers, calibration laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, filter testing professionals, the automotive industry, flow visualization professionals), and countless other leading organizations.

Aerosol Generators
Many Different Types
  • Monodisperse Aerosol Generators
  • Polydisperse Aerosol Generators
  • Aerosol Atomizers
  • Gravimetric Dosing Systems
  • Dust Dispersion Systems
  • Large Droplet Generators
  • Heated Oil Mist Generators
  • Cleanroom Aerosol Generators
  • Low, Medium & High Output Generation Systems
  • Fog Generators
  • Many other state-of-the-art products

Aerosol Generators for Solid Particles

Aerosol Generators for Liquid Particles

ATI Photometer Generators

Air Techniques International (ATI) offers a wide range of industry-leading aerosol generators for filter testing professionals. Also available, are a variety of heavy-duty transit cases designed to protect your photometer, aerosol generator, or both instruments in the one case.

The 4B series family of Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generators are durable, portable, and reliable. Designed for testing filter systems ranging from small glove boxes to large cleanroom plenums, ATI Laskin Nozzle generators provide the ideal solution for creating a poly-disperse, sub-micron aerosol to certify and qualify in-situ filter systems.

The 6D is a small, light, and rugged portable, self-contained Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generator with an integrated compressor. It is ideal for testing a wide variety of filter systems with air flows up to 2,000 cfm by generating a poly-dispersed, sub-micron aerosol. Applications include workstations, negative- pressure filtration units, biological safety cabinets, ceiling modules and more. It can also be used for testing positive pressure systems using an optional Positive Injection Pump and hose adapter kit.

The 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator is designed for operators who require a wide range of aerosol output concentrations to perform leak tests on smaller clean air cabinets through cleanroom air handling systems.

ATI Heavy Duty Transit Cases

ATI photometer carry cases
For Photometers & Aerosol Generators

The ATI family of generator cases offers the ultimate in protection for both your thermal or Laskin generators and your 2i Photometer. Fitted with custom foam cut-outs to keep your equipment and accessories from moving around during transport. Each case is waterproof and made from a hard-plastic shell to offer complete and reliable protection.

SFP Aerosol Generators

SFP Services is a world leading manufacturer of sodium flame photometers. ACE Scientific Solutions is proud to exclusively represent their range across Australia and New Zealand. SFP Services offer a range of aerosol generators and accessories for use with their photometers, some of which are listed in this area.